Sunday, November 6, 2011

Parkinson's mysteriously affects other people and things...

I'm sitting here at 4:15 in the morning, having forgotten to set my clocks back again.  Of course, old man Parkinson doesn't care about Daylight Savings Time anyway; I'll be getting up at 3:30 for a while yet.  Anyway, you get to thinking about strange things at this hour;  I was thinking about how Parkinson's mysteriously affects the rest of the world.

Firstly, it makes other people rather deaf.  I have to repeat everything.  Perhaps Parkinson's generated a field of some kind which has an adverse affect on others' tympanic nerves.

Secondly, it causes others to move more rapidly.  Sometimes they seem to be so fast that I can't keep up. I hypothesize that their neural pathways are affected by my Parkinson's in some way.

It even affects the laws of physics!  The force of gravity is sometimes much higher in my immediate vicinity.  In fact, Parkinson's apparently causes sudden, unexpected "gusts" of gravity.

I will continue to study this phenomenon and post with my results.

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