Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting Better

I'm feeling better and stronger every day.  I have conquered the evil Mr. Nausea, and have found the secret lair of his boss, my nemesis, Dr. Parkinson's.  I am now doing battle with the infamous Dr. Parkinson's himself, using my new weapon; the DBS ray gun.

Meanwhile, in the real world...

I am feeling better every day.  I called Carlos and told him things were not working as well as I'd hoped, and he suggested I re-introduce my body to Sinemet (carbidopa/levadopa).  Just a little.  So, I did that and I feel pretty good, but I still think I need to "up" the voltage a little.  I'll find out on the 27th of March when I go back for my second "tuning".

It's a process.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Well, well.  That was harder than I thought it would be.  Turning the implant on and adjusting it was a  very interesting and tiring experience.  I had to be off my meds for one thing, and that is pure torture for me now.  I was so stiff and in so much pain!  They adjusted one side at a time, which meant that I was still in pain on the other side; very distracting.  They turned the voltage up slowly and waited for side effects to manifest, which, in my case meant dizziness.  For some people, it's tingling in the extremities, for others, one or two muscles start pulling on their own.  Others lose their powers of speech.  With me, if the voltage got too high, the room started spinning, and I started to feel disconnected from reality.  I then had to communicate this to the nurse (a very nice and patient young man named Carlos, with an engineer's understanding of how the implant was supposed to work and lots of experience in "tuning" people up).

I have been sick these last 4 days.  I mean sick to my stomach.  I think it's the Requip.  After all, I did stop taking it suddenly, then suddenly started again.  But for whatever the reason, I have been fighting nausea.  That is never fun.  So far this morning, it seems o.k. though.  Maybe I'm over it, and I can actually see how the implant is doing.  It's only just past 4:00 though, so we'll see when it's really morning....  Crossing my fingers...

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