Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sand Castles

Sometimes I feel like I'm building sand castles, and Parkinson's is the ocean, crumbling my defenses. I keep having to move farther up the beach and build a new castle, knowing that the ocean will inevitably take that one, too.

I'm neglecting my relationships; I'm curling up within myself, hiding again. I suddenly realize that I'm waiting until I feel better! That's not a good idea. I need to open up again and participate.

Well, they say that knowing is half the battle, so....

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Bob said...


It is the building that matters. We are not defeated when we cannot do what we once did, but only when we do not do what we can.

Keep building! There is purpose in it, if only to encourage the rest of us to do so.

The enemy wins when we stop.

We are in this together. Stay with us now. As they say in battle, "Hold the line."

Your friend,

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