Monday, January 30, 2012

PD and Hallucinations

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted.  I will try to keep up better.  Like a lot of people, the holidays kind of threw me for a loop, and I've been recovering since then.

Another new PD experience has begun for me; hallucinations.  A while ago, I was starting to see things that weren't there.  It started with spots and patches of color in the corners of my eyes, which was no big deal, but then it escalated.  I saw a truck parked in our driveway, but when I looked again it was gone, and we live at the end of a dead-end street.  I saw a person standing next to my car, who also disappeared as soon as I looked directly at him.  I saw another person as plain as day standing in the doorway of a vacation home we had rented.  She was as solid and real as anyone else; 40 to 50ish, blonde hair, white pants, blue shirt.  I thought maybe the owner of the house had come to say hello or something. Then she disappeared.  Disturbing.

Well, the neurologist suggested cutting back on my Requip dosage, so I did.  Since then I don't see people who are not on our plane of existence any more, but I still see things in the periphery of my vision sometimes. The difference is, now I'm learning to differentiate between real and unreal, so it doesn't really bother me, except when I think I see a spider.  I prefer not to see spiders, real or not.

Other than that, I'm feeling fantastic!  I'm doing so well, that sometimes I think I don't have Parkinson's at all.  Then, I forget to take my pills on time, and Old Man Parkinson comes to visit me again.  Oh well,  I really think that the researchers are on the verge of a cure anyway; so there, Mr. Parkinson!


Robin said...

So great to read your update!
I appreciate what you share with us.
Take care:)

PZ said...

I rather enjoy the mild Mirapex hallucinations out of the corners of my eyes, but then I'm a child of the '60s.

Marian said...

PZ: LOL! I hadn't thought of it that way. Thanks for the giggle!


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