Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm not worried.

My "Dday" (Diagnosis Day) anniversary just passed a couple days ago.  This year, my thoughts are all about DBS.  I'm really not worried about the operation; the risks are few and the payoff is potentially huge.  Why then am I so weepy?  I guess I just resent having to do this at all.  That's not right, though; I should be glad that this option is available now.  I AM glad.  I just wish I didn't have to have a couple of holes drilled in my head in order to feel normal.  Here's a list of "plusses" to DBS surgery:

1.) I can finally say "I can't come to work tomorrow; I'm having brain surgery".  I've always wanted to say that.

2.)  I won't have to go through that scanner thingy at the airport anymore.

3.) I can call myself a "Bionic Woman".  Just don't ask me to run in slow motion.

4.)  I can pretend to be in that episode of Star Trek where Spock's brain is removed and they were making his body work with a remote control device.

Well, all of that is on top of the main advantage; cutting down on medication and feeling normal again. A lot to look forward to!

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Marian said...

Hi Mark; I loved Yoa's video! I have posted a link to it on the bottom of my page. Very interesting; I hope there will be more posted as time goes by. I want to see how Yoa's doing. I also hope that she finds something wonderful and exciting to do OTHER than climbing the Sydney bridge; LOL...

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