Friday, February 22, 2013

Countdown to a new life

Just 4 days until my DBS implant is turned on and calibrated for the first time!  I can hardly wait, especially since my symptoms have returned, and I'm having trouble at work.  Sunday I have to stop taking Requip, Monday it's "goodbye" to seligeline and amantadine, Tuesday I have to quit the rest of the drugs (Stalevo and Sinemet) and then Wednesday I go in to be powered up and fine tuned.

I hope I can start cutting down on the meds soon, too.  I'm taking medication every 2 hours now; 17 pills a day!  And that's not counting the pain killers, muscle relaxants and sleeping pills for the insomnia that's probably a side effect of the OTHER drugs.

Soon I'll be free!  Well, "free er" anyway.  Sorry; my "dash" key doesn't work ever since I spilled a margarita on the keyboard.  Go figure.


Norma Cairns said...

Hi Marian, I recently had DBS surgery and have gone through the activation process starting Jan. 21/13. I give thanks everyday for the opportunity to have this procedure. I've had Parkinson's for 16 years and had been taking medication every three hours. This week I am medication free and I feel like I have such freedom from alarms, reminders,and carrying water everywhere I go. I know that being off meds. is not an expectation for DBS so I feel very blessed. I have been following your blog since you started the DBS procedures and look forward to hearing the outcome. I will pray for you as go through the activation process. NORMA

Anonymous said...

good luck powering on and with the medication adjustment... hope all goes smooth!

Marian said...

Hi Norma,
Yes, I feel very blessed, too, for even having this procedure available. Thanks so much for the good thoughts and prayers!

Hi Kaitlyn,
Thanks; I get powered on TOMORROW!!! I will certainly be ready to tell the world!

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