Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DBS; Before and After

The DBS implant is working great!  Here is a little movie clip I did about it:


By the way, we didn't have a tornado.  Our house always looks like this :-)


Lindsay said...

This is amazing. Thank you for sharing your personal story. I think you're very brave, and inspiring.

Marian said...

thank you Lindsay; I hope someone finds it helpful

Kaitlyn Roland said...

Wonderful Marian! Looks like you are doing well :) And so interesting as a researcher to watch.

Take care, Kaitlyn

Judy in TN aka In10city said...

HI Marian!!
I am so glad DBS is working well. I am also experiencing great things from it!!! We are lucky gals. Ps. I hope you are enjoying unemployment....i know it is an adjustment but I hope you will be enjoying it soon.

Marian said...

Thanks Kaitlyn, thanks Judy! Glad someone is reading this and I didn't turn that thing off for nothing

Lauryn said...

Dear Marian,
First, what a lovely and warm blog (as someone who is more than likely to face that "adventure", it's nice to see hope and humor. Is there a way to contact you directly and not through the comment section? I would like to see if you'd be willing to make some information about a recently developed Parkinson's exercise program I'm teaching available to your members.

Natasha Becky said...

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Patient-Online said...

Hi Marian, I found your video just wonderful to illustrate the benefit of DBS. I too have had it. I am a fellow blogger and have corresponded with you in the past. Happy Thanksgiving, Dan

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