Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ready for the Walk

Well, donations are starting to roll in for the Parkinson's Unity Walk in April. I posted my flyers last week at work, and my wonderful co-workers are already responding. What an amazing group of people they are! I also got a contribution from my stepmom, bless her heart; she and my dad are having some financial problems right now, so I know it's painful to part with cash. They know what this means to me, though.
What does this mean to me?, you ask. It's hard to describe, but participating in this Walk, and doing the other things I do to try to help find a cure for this stupid disease are more important to me than I ever dreamed possible. Almost every free minute of my day is spent thinking of ways to contribute to the cause, and some minutes that aren't free (oops!).
I wish the walk was tomorrow; I'm ready to go now!


Ashley said...

Hi Marian,
I couldn't find an email address to contact you, so I hope you don't mind me leaving you a comment! I came across your blog while trying to learn more about life with Parkinson's. I'm sure some of your readers are also Parkinson's caregivers.
Do you think they'd be at all interested in a link to some tips for Parkinson's caregivers? The URL I'm providing will direct you to a slide show featuring Carol McLain, a registered nurse who was a caregiver to her husband until he passed away in 2008.
If you think your readers would be interested, the slide show can be found here:

Thanks for your help, Marian! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


Marian said...

Thanks, Ashley! I have added the link you gave me to the "Parkinson's Links" section on the right. Sometimes we tend to forget about support for caregivers; it's so important to help these wonderful folks out and appreciate the difficult and vital role they play. I've told my husband at least a hundred times that I'd rather be in my position than his!

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