Thursday, February 5, 2009

If I Only Had a Brain!

I did it! I donated my brain. Well, I put in the paperwork to allow my brain to be donated to the Parkinson’s Institute after my death. We dropped by the post office before work, and as I got out of the car to go mail my paperwork, I smiled and said to my husband “Well, here goes my brain!” It was weird, but as the envelopes with my forms in them left my fingers, I felt just a touch of separation anxiety, as if my brain really was in one of those envelopes. When I closed the mail slot, though, there was this warm glow filling up my soul; a feeling of joy, almost euphoria. It’s the same way I felt when I crossed the finish line with Team Parkinson at the SF Marathon.

Now I feel like I’m carrying precious cargo in my head. Who knows? Maybe my brain holds the secret to some terrible disease. I won’t say Parkinson’s, because by the time I die of old age, I expect Parkinson’s to be cured! On the other hand, if I died in a car crash tomorrow, I know that I will still be able to contribute somehow.

“And perhaps I’d deserve ya,
and be even worthy erve ya
if I only had a brain”

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Dan said...

Marian, You are so unselfish to make this decision and take the necessary steps in advance. I pray that is many years from now, but it is wonderful that you have taken care of your wishes. I have a desire to do the same, as I know the differentiation of the atypical Parkinsonian disorders is troubling to medical science. I just want you to know that your actions are an inspiration to your fellow patients. We are all pulling for you in our PD blogger community. Take care, Dan

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