Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saw the doctor yesterday...

It seems that visits with my doctors have become milestones for me. That being the case, yesterday was a great milestone in my life. I had my regular appointment with my neurologist, and he confirmed my suspicions: I'm doing FANTASTIC!! He says you can't even tell I have Parkinson's disease. I can tell, of course, but the way that I look on the outside is a reflection of how good I'm feeling on the inside. I'm walking well, I'm able to do everything I want to do (though maybe not as long as I'd like to do it :-)). I have little or no side effects from the medications to deal with. I'm doing great at work. I sleep well, I eat well; I just can't complain at all, and I don't want to! Heck, I'm taking ballroom dancing lessons once a week and doing o.k. at that, too.

The only thing of any concern is that I've had a couple of "freezing" episodes, one that caused me to fall flat on my face without being able to even bring up my hands to stop me, and one that caused an "almost" fall. The doctor says I need to do more than just be careful; I need to make sure that my path through the house is unobstructed. In other words, I just received a prescription to clean up my house. Yikes. He hasn't seen my house, obviously. I wonder if the insurance company will get me a maid, since it's doctor's orders. Hmmm..... probably not.

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Anonymous said...

So glad your doing so wonderful!! Please be careful my friend...falls can be so dangerous!

I love the painting of Bosco and your cat...Marian God has truly blessed you with many wonderful gifts!

Love ya kiddo!

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