Friday, November 5, 2010

Lucy, Charlie Brown and optimism

Lucy once asked Charlie Brown whether he preferred sunrises or sunsets. When he said "sunsets, I guess" she jumped all over him, saying that only depressed people like sunsets; people with a positive attitude always prefer sunrises. And for this, she charged him a nickel!

Well, I'm sorry, Lucy, but I have to disagree with you. I consider myself a very optimistic person, and I love both sunsets and sunrises. A sunrise is a gift of hope for a new day, a greeting, a "good morning!" from the gods. A sunset, though, is like a parent's good night kiss; a reassurance that you can try again tomorrow, and no matter what happened during the day, you are always loved and forgiven.

I'm having a rough day today; PD symptoms are intruding on my life. I had trouble getting dressed this morning, trouble sitting still at my desk and working, trouble driving the car, trouble walking our puppy. I was glad to see the sunset after this difficult day, and remember that someone loves me no matter what.

5 cents, please :-)

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