Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I was starting to have a little pity party this morning, because there's no family coming for Thanksgiving. Everyone's either too far away, or doing something else, or not feeling well or whatever. Grump grump. Then, I remembered what a wonderful cast of characters we WILL have here. Aside from me and Bob, our son Rusty and his girlfriend Emily will be here, and later on our friend Bob (yes that does get confusing :-)) and of course our goofy little "furry children". I'm so grateful for them all!


Patrick Younts (and my Wingman) said...

I'm glad your pity party was spoiled, Marian, because it looks like you have a great cast of characters coming over - quite a blessing. Thank you for a great start to my Thanksgiving. I always love to see coments on my blog! Have a wounderful Thanksgiving, take joy in who's there, keep the people who aren't in your heart, and remember if you don't make eye contact with the person giving out the free samples at Costco, you can usually go back for seconds - a helpful Costco tip, lol. Have a great turkey day!


Arvind Mohan said...

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Elisa said...

Just found your blog and I will read more. I have PD too and started a blog in Sept. Keep up the good work!

HIO Golf Doctor said...

Great Blog. I hope your Thanksgiving ended up better than expected. I am always looking for great blogs to refer my patients from the specific chiropractic center to. I believe journal/blogging can go a long way in healing. Thank you!

Bryn Williams said...

Hi Marian

Is it OK to feature your blog on There is a blog portal where I feature Parkinson's bloggers. Can you drop me an email?


Marian said...

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words. Among the other things I'm thankful for, I find I'm very grateful for people like you. You keep me going!

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