Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas is Coming

Sung to the tune of "Christmas is Coming":

"Christmas is coming,
The shakes are coming back.
Please to put some Requip
In the Parkie's sack.

If you haven't got some Requip,
Amantadine will do,
If you haven't got Amantadine,
then God Bless you."

Maybe the pressures of the season are getting to me, or maybe things are just progressing. Whatever it is, I'm having some rough days. I'm stiff, slow, weak and shaky. I should say "stiffer, slower, weaker and shakier" I suppose. None of these symptoms are new, they're just worse than usual. Well, I'm off work for a couple weeks now, so maybe a little R & R will help. I imagine it will; I'm so looking forward to Christmas!


Lene said...

You have your good days and your bad days :). Hopefully the R&R will help and just know there will be better days. It's a nasty disease but as a daughter of a PD patient...I completely understand. More power to you!

Lindy Swain said...

Very cute poem. I hope your holidays were enjoyable.

Lindy Swain, PharmD

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