Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting excited about DBS, now!

Woo hoo! I just found out that Healthline has picked my blog as a candidate for the 2012 health blog of the year.  If I win, I get $1000, which I would use to get myself and my husband to the Parkinson's Unity Walk in NYC in April if I'm up to it.  If I'm not up to it, I will donate half of the money to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease Research and put the rest towards a family vacation when I am up to it.  Actually, I'm just thrilled to even be nominated, so I'm content right now.

I find that I'm looking forward to DBS surgery more and more.  Not to the surgery itself, of course (although that is very interesting), but to how I'm going to feel afterwards.  DBS is NOT a cure, and does NOT slow the progression of the disease, but it can be like a temporary miracle for those of us who struggle with PD every day.  Sometimes it's difficult, tiring, or even painful to do the simplest things, and most of the time I can't even read a book comfortably.  So, Creator, if you're listening, here is my wish list of things that I hope and pray that DBS will do for me.

1.)  That it will help me to keep working for at least a couple of years, so that I can get my 30 years in (I have 28 years now).
2.)  That it will even out the peaks and valleys in my PD symptoms, so that I can plan my activities a little better.
3.) That I can cut down on my medications and thus avoid the more severe side effects.
4.) That it will help me sleep a little better.

And one more wish, if at all possible, my dear Creator:

I would like to be able to dance again, and not just for one dance..


Norma Cairns said...

Hi Marion, I wish you success with your DBS surgery. I can relate to what your're going thru as I just had my DBS surgery on Dec.4/12 and will have my stimulator activated in a couple of weeks. My wishlist is very similar to yours except the continuing to work part. It's certainly a waiting game, two year wait list to be referred to a neurosurgeon, 8 month wait to be assessed, 6 month wait until DBS surgery, 8 week wait for initial activation of DBS. I liked your comment in another blog " Maybe that's why we are called patients".
Thank you for sharing so much so yourself in this blog. I will be praying for the success of your DBS surgery.

Marian said...

Thanks, Norma. I wil keep you in my thought and prayers too. I bet you're looking forward to having the stimulator activated; it sounds like you've had an even longer wait than I have! I will stop compaining about the wait times. well, for a little while, anyway....


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