Saturday, February 1, 2014


It's been a while.  To all those who left such lovely comments which haven't gotten answered yet, I'm so sorry, but I just haven't had the heart.  Now the DBS implant is working incredibly well, but I've had a host of digestive system issues to deal with, along with depression.  I'm losing my job; come Monday I'll have 60 days to find a new one, but I think I'm going to hang up my hat.  There are things I should be doing to take care of my PD that I haven't had time for, and things that I want to do while I still feel good.

It's a whole new chapter...


RETA said...

Thank you for your blogspot and posts. It is so good of you to share in detail. Please take care and I wish you well.


Alice Allievi said...

My Grandfather had Parkinson too.
Have faith, everything will be okay.
God bless you

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Thanks so much for your blog. I had DBS in June 2013 (46 yo female) and this site was very helpful for me. I hope to see you back to blogging soon! : )

Sildenafil Softgel said...

Very nice blog..glad to read this.

Natasha Becky said...

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