Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Nifty Pill Box/Medication Timer

I finally found the perfect pill box/medication timer for me.  I was using an audible alarm, but it was annoying other people, and it was so large that I usually didn't carry it with me, which, needless to say, kind of defeats the purpose.  Plus, I sometimes turned the alarm off, but forgot to take the pill!   Then, I found this wonderful gadget from Independent Living Aids (here's the link: ).  It's easy to use, it has 5 alarms, and 5 pill compartments.  It's small, so you can fit it in a large pocket or a purse, you can set it to beep or vibrate or both, and best of all, it's not expensive.  I think I paid around $15.00 for it (of course, NOW they put it on sale!).  Here's a picture of the top:

You can see how nice and small it is, considering that it has 5 pill containers on the bottom, each of which is big enough for me to put in all my medication for a day.  That means I only have to load it up every 5 days.  That may not work for some people, I know, but you can always put in one dose per container.
     When the alarm goes off, you have to rotate the bottom half of the pill box to make it stop.  In other words, you actually have to open the pill box and hopefully take the pill, otherwise the alarm will go off again.  This is very helpful for people like me who forget in the course of turning the alarm off whether they have taken the pill or not!
     Since I want to keep it with me all the time, I made this little purse for it out of the back pocket of an old pair of jeans:

I can't recommend this product enough!  I just love it.  I haven't forgotten a pill since I bought it.

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Anonymous said...

Marian I said it once I will say it again and need to get this pouch off the ground and going...Love ya!! b'nana

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