Friday, January 21, 2011

PD Meds: Is more better?

I've recently become more aware of the thin line we PD patients walk, balancing ourselves carefully. On the one side, Parkinson's symptoms: you know them, you hate them, they interfere with your life, they make it almost impossible to do the things you love, they keep getting worse. On the other side, medication side effects: dyskinesia, hallucinations, insomnia, constipation, daytime sleepiness, etc., etc. What each patient must do, with their doctor's help, is to find that perfect balance, even though the situation is constantly changing. It's like trying to balance on a rolling log.

I went to see my neurologist recently, to discuss my worsening symptoms, and he suggested just a small change, a little "tweak" to my medication. I added ONE HALF of a 100mg Sinemet tablet in the morning. You wouldn't think it would make that much difference, but it really has! I feel fantastic; no more hideous mornings when the meds just don't kick in or unexpected "wearing off" in the afternoons (well not too often, anyway). It's amazing!

I guess it just goes to show, in my case, anyway, that small changes are probably best, and it may take some patience on my part, but it's worth it! Since the symptoms are constantly changing, the treatments need to be adjusted as well, but you don't want to upset that delicate balance on the rolling log and fall in the river. It might take a while to climb out...

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