Saturday, April 9, 2011

National Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month

April is Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month, and it makes me think about the significance of  "awareness".  I'm embarrassed to say that before I was diagnosed with PD, I didn't think "awareness" in and of itself was important at all.  I thought wearing awareness ribbons and pins and bracelets and whatnot was just a way of paying lip service to helping with a cause, without having to do much.  Now I know that awareness is the beginning, the ground swell that can build up and carry us to victory, to a cure.  Everything starts with awareness; it's easy to say "no" if you know nothing about a disease or a cause.  If, on the other hand, you see someone that you know wearing a ribbon or a pin, you might ask them what it means.  When they tell you, suddenly there is a face that goes with the cause, and you might say "yes" the next time you're asked to donate or help.

That being the case, I'm very proud to be able to say that my design was one of two chosen as the artwork for the Parkinson's Disease Foundation's t shirt for Parkinson's Awareness Month.  Here's a link to the PDF press release (which also provides a link to buy one of the shirts):

I was amazed and so excited when I found out that my design had been chosen!  It's wonderful to be given an opportunity to help with the fight against PD by doing something that I love to do.  I feel that way about the Parkinson's Quilt project too.  I really think that these little things , when added up together, do make a difference.  Making a quilt square, designing a t shirt, telling a story, wearing a ribbon, telling others about Parkinson's and what it's like; all these things raise awareness, and awareness is vital.

In other news:  My husband Bob and I are participating in our local Parkinson's Walk in May (it's a "little brother" of the NYC walk, and the proceeds from it go to the Parkinson's Unity Walk organization).  Here's a link to the Unity Walk page:
Please consider joining the Walk or making a donation.  Together, we can do this.


edgyiam said...

I like your t-shirt design very much. I came across your blog a few months ago. I also noticed you are on 23 & Me (your picture). I am just starting to communicate on forums there.

I appreciate what you write and your willingness to share.

Thank you.


TubaBob said...

Congratulations on the T-shirt design! Looks great! I also noticed your blog is one of the top 49 listed on the National Parkinson's Foundation forums. You're making a difference.

Have a great walk!
Bob (the Tuba player)

Marian said...

Thanks so much! You are so kind to me; it keeps me motivated. I'm doing an interview for our local paper tomorrow and I'm terrified, so I really appreciate the encouragement!

Julie: do look me up on 23andMe. It's a fascinating site, and I'm glad to hear that more people are signing up. I really think it will help.

Bob: Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it. I'll have to go to the National Parkinson's Foundation site and check it out. Take care, and keep Tuba-ing!

TubaBob said...

Hi Marian,
Sorry - I was thinking it was on the NPF site, but it was referenced in a forum on that site. The 49 Top Blogs on Parkinsons is at the following link. You're number 24!


Michel Babun said...

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