Friday, April 29, 2011

Parkinson's Disease Awareness month newspaper article

Well, here it is; the article that the very kind Stacy Trevenon wrote about me for the Half Moon Bay Review.  She did a wonderful job of making sense out of my random jabbering!  Thank you, Stacy, for helping me spread the word.  And thanks to Lars for patiently and skillfully getting a decent picture to go with the article.


Bob Kuhn said...


Love the T-shirt and especially the saying. That is perfect. Keep up the great work.


Bayview said...


edgyiam said...

Oops, Bayview is me. I was signed in on my work email.

Misty said...

How encouraging your story is. I will pray that you continue to have strength and joy in your life as you battle this disease. Your optimism and smile are a fresh of breath air. A dear friend of mine has Parkinson's. I am going to tell her about your blog.

God bless!

Marian said...

Thank you all so much! You made my day; well, several days actually. I'd put a smiley emoticon on this comment, but my "dash" key hasn't worked since I spilled a margarita on this laptop last year. :)

You folks keep me going, you really do. I feel so much hope when I read these comments. I feel like I'm part of a "tribe" (as Davis Phinney calls it); a group of people supporting and helping each other.

romanya vizesi said...

thanks for sharing

hapi said...

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