Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Considering DBS

Saw my neurologist last week, and he says I should really start looking at Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery.  In fact he provided me with a referral to the DBS group at Stanford, which is only 30 minutes from my home, luckily for me.  This is a hospital that I'm very familiar with; I was hospitalized there once when I was a teenager. My son was born there, as were two of my brothers.  It's where we go when we need to go to emergency.  It feels as comfortable as a hospital can be.  So that's good.

I'm looking forward to the consultation and getting my questions answered.  The biggest question I have, though, doesn't seem to have an answer.  How does it work?  No one seems to know; they just have theories.  Still, I know enough people who have been through it with good to amazing results, that I will seriously consider it, even though the idea of having a hole drilled in my head for any reason just gives me the willies...   Of course, if it really means that I can feel better and take less medication, I would drill the hole myself.   Okay, that's an exaggeration.  Poetic hyperbole; don't mind me.

Anyway, I'm waiting for a call to set up an appointment.  I hope that happens soon, because I'd just as soon have it over with so I can decide what to do.  Waiting sucks.

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