Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pre-Op Appointments; a busy, busy day.

Yesterday, I had various pre-operation activities to do in that huge hospital in Stanford.  First, we had a  briefing with the surgical staff in the neurosurgery department. After that, we were directed to hospital admissions to talk about financial things, logistics; stuff like that. Then we trudged downstairs to the lab where I had to go get blood and urine tests.  Then, I had to go to radiology for a chest x-ray.  We took a break for lunch, and then it was off to the Imaging Center which was in a completely different building downtown, where I had a brain MRI, which I actually slept through because I was so tired!  However, I was really, really impressed and reassured by the friendliness, competence and and professionalism of the doctors and staff at Stanford.

Through all of this,  Bob was my driver, my sherpa, my guide, my cheering squad and my best friend.  As he marched along uncomplainingly carrying my heavy purse and my heavy coat and all my paperwork, I thought: I am so lucky!  What would I do without him?  I would probably still be walking around the hospital, aimlessly searching for one department or another, for one thing.

I have to stop taking my Requip on Friday this week, then the rest of my Parkinson's meds on Thursday next week.  That, I'm really not looking forward to, but at least it will only be a short time without medication.  Next week, I will also be cutting my hair and getting a lovely buzz cut (like GI Jane), and then I'll be set for the shaving of the head and installation of the fiducials on Thursday, and surgery on Friday.  I only have a few days to wait before I start my new adventure as a "bionic woman"...

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Anonymous said...

glad you have someone there to support you through this! ... good luck with the reduction in meds and trip to the hairdresser ;)


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