Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wigging Out; Buying a Wig for After DBS Surgery

I have had long hair most of my adult life; sometimes very long.  So, when it became clear that part of the preparation for DBS surgery would involve shaving my head, I began researching wigs.  The idea of going around so "naked" was unthinkable.  I got on Google and looked up general information about types of wigs, pros and cons, etc.. Then, I got on Amazon and searched and searched for a wig that would suit me and fit my mental list of requirements: looks, comfort and ease of care.  Oh yeah; and price.  I'm very cheap when it comes to buying things for myself.
     Eventually, I found a cute little wig that was sort of my natural color, but much shorter than my real hair.  It was only $30 or so, so I was happy and pleased with myself as I clicked the "buy" button.
     When I received the wig, I was, well... disappointed.  It was longer than my real hair is now and quite heavy.  It looked too shiny and fake and the bangs reached down to my chin, which is not the way it looked in the picture. You get what you pay for, I guess.
     So I went to plan "B".  Found a local wig shop on the internet; The House of Wigs in Los Altos, CA, and went there in person to try wigs on.  Much better idea!  It was a small family business run by a mother/daughter team.  The daughter spent tons of time with me, trying on wigs and explaining how to wear them and take care of them.  I found a beautiful wig that is comfortable, easy to care for, natural looking, and best of all, looks good on me.  After I get my hair cut and I can wear it without all that long hair stuffed under it, I will post a picture.  The price tag was about $190 dollars, but it was worth it.  Heck, I've payed more than that at the beauty parlor.

Some things to consider if you want to buy a wig for post DBS:

  • Make sure that the medical team you are working with really does want you to shave your head.  Some don't shave the entire head, and you may want to stick with your real hair, even with a few bald spots.  I asked my surgeon flat out "do I really have to shave my head?" and he said yes.
  • Real hair wigs are more natural looking than synthetic, but they cost more and you have to style them, just like your real hair.  For some people, that is a plus, I know, but I'm too lazy.  You also have to wash them more often
  • Synthetic wigs come pre-styled, and are easier to take care of, but of course the flip side is that you can't style them differently.  Also, you need to remember to keep them away from heat sources (camp fires, barbecues, hot ovens, etc.)
  • Getting a wig is kind of fun!!  You get to change your "persona" a little without making it permanent.  My wig is much shorter than my normal hair, and is several shades lighter.  It's also layered, which is something I've always wanted to try with my hair.  I love it! It's taken away the dread of cutting off my hair and given me something to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

great practical advice! thanks for sharing :)

David W said...

47 and was told I have PD I go to a specialist the 18th Jan for the whole workup of tests.Best of luck and prays for you.

Marian said...

Thanks, Kaitlyn! Thanks David! David: good luck with your journey. Sounds like we are walking parallel paths.


Amy said...

Thanks for the tips. My mom is being evaluated for DBS now and is worried about the loss of her hair. I hope to help her find a wig that will ease this anxiety for her. Best of luck to you, I hope all has gone well.

Kate Cruize said...

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