Saturday, December 13, 2008

A reprint of "The Little Girl Who Ran", and THANKS, Judy!!

My friend Judy sent me a lovely gift; she took one of her beautiful photographs, and one of my poems and combined them, then framed the result and sent it to me. I actually cried when I saw it. Some people know just the perfect thing to say or do, and Judy is one of those people. Anyway, I thought I'd reprint the poem here:

The Little Girl Who Ran

I was once the little girl who ran,
I could not walk, I could not stand
To plod along as grownups do,
I thought they crawled, they thought I flew.
“Why walk?”, I thought, “when you can run,
and leap and dance and have some fun?”

Now I wish I had the chance,
To once more gallop, run and dance,
It seems disease has closed that door,
And I can’t run much anymore,

But in my mind, I’m still the same,
And though my legs are weak and lame,
Inside, I run without care or plan,
I’m still the little girl who ran.

-Marian Bumala


Judy in TN said...

Thank you for the kind words Marian, but your poem really resonates in my heart. People who don't have PD I don't think would get it, but my friend, you so simply and beautifully captured the longing of our heart. Thank you for sharing!
oh and I LOVE your pic you have for your blog! So pretty, and i lov to go rafting.

Anonymous said...

as usual your poetry is just wonderful...I can really are so talented kiddo!!! You are sharing with all of us just a fragment of the wonderful talents you possess...keep it up my dear friend! I so look forward to more!
Hugs B'nana

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