Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shadow Companion

As I walk this path, a shadow follows me.
She is the footstep I hear behind me,
the twig that snaps in the woods.
I turn around; no one is there.
Sometimes I catch a glimpse of her;
an old woman, bent, shuffling, trembling,
her claw-like hands hanging stiff at her sides.
She disappears as I look at her,
but when I turn around to continue on my way,
I hear her follow.

What do you want? I scream at her,
Leave me alone! No reply. Just the slow shuffle, shuffle
of her feet as she follows me.

I see her more and more clearly;
whatever I do and wherever I go she is there,
Hovering around the edges of my vision.
Painfully hobbling along or leaning on her cane,
watching me with expressionless hunger.

Now I think I know what she wants.
If I let her, she will become me.
She is trying to possess me.
Maybe I can't keep her away forever,
But there is one thing I can do:
I can keep her out of my mirror
as long as possible.

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Sassafras said...

Oh how I know that feeling. It is so scary at times and so real. Keep fighting you are much to strong to let her win. I will help fight too. God will help too. We only have to ask and the hardest part wait. Sass

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