Monday, May 25, 2009

A Difficult But Lovely Weekend

I'm so proud of myself!! I just got back from a fun, but physically challenging weekend, and I DID IT!! We went on our traditional Memorial Day weekend boat trip to Folsom Lake this weekend, and boating is hard work. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to pull my own weight any more. I managed, though, I managed. Not only was it a lot of physical work, but there were also some challenges to overcome. The trip start out inauspiciously. We had been driving about an hour and a half when suddenly, Bob said "Uh Oh" in that tone of voice that says something is really wrong. There was smoke pouring from the axle of the boat trailer. He carefully pulled over just as the tire went "KAPOW!". He went to go look at the damage, and found that the axle of the trailer was broken clean through. After scratching our heads for a few minutes and making some fruitless calls to trailer repair places, we unhitched the boat, left it sitting forlornly by the side of the rode and drove into the town of Tracy to get help. We got this helpful tow truck driver to come out and help us; here he is taking the wheel off:Note the angle of the wheel!
Then, he chained up the broken axle:

We limped our poor trailer to a place called "Travln Toys" and they did a great job. It turns out that by coincidence they had an extra axle for our trailer, which they had gotten with another order! So, in about an hour and a half, we were on the road again.

It was all worth it, though. What a beautiful evening! Especially after we finally got the boat in the water and went and found our friends and rafted up with them for the evening.
Here we are on our boat, the "Miracle Max":

Here's the raft of boats on Saturday night:

We had a ball the rest of the weekend. I'm exhausted, but I have a whole bunch of memories to treasure. I guess my point is that you don't want to give up doing the things you want to do, living the life you want to live, just because of PD, unless you absolutely have to. You never know what all you can do until you try.

I'm going to go limp off and watch some t.v. now....

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad your weekend ended up looks you sure have a lot of friends with boats! I especially love the photo of the two of you kissin on the boat!
Get some rest as I am sure you're both planning the next adventure!
Hugs!! B'nana

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