Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun on Valentine's Day

It's 4:40 in the morning, I've been up for an hour, dystonia is curling my foot up painfully, I'm exhausted, but I'm smiling as I remember how much fun we had last weekend on Valentine's Day...

We took a champagne brunch cruise on San Francisco Bay. When we got to our table, there was a bouquet of tulips, champagne and chocolates for me! Bob had arranged it when he made our reservation. I'm so spoiled! The weather was incredibly foggy (in other words, typical), so for the first half of the cruise, it was like the boat was floating in a cloud. Then, all of a sudden, Alcatraz Island appeared out of the fog, slowly followed by the rest of the bay. It was beautiful, and the weather was warm enough that we could go outside and take a few pictures on one of the upper decks. Here's Bob with the WWII Liberty ship "Jeremiah O'brien" and the skyline of San Francisco in the background:

They had a real live piano player, who was also a great singer, and we danced and danced. It was wonderful! I was exhausted, and I payed for it the next day (I could hardly move), but it was sure worth it. Here we are, after we finally gave up dancing and were recovering at our table:

I'm so lucky to have this wonderful man in my life to share these things with me!

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