Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there.

My biological mother died years ago (1986) of breast cancer. It was terrible. Fortunately for me, I had another mom; my Stepmom, Jan. To be sure, we didn't always get along at first. She came into our family at the tender age of 24, and suddenly had the care of a 10 year girl and a 12 year old boy, both of whom still had dreams of their own mother coming back. She quit the job she had worked so hard at; she was moving up fast in that company, but she thought it was more important to devote her time to getting to know me and my brother. What that meant for us, though, was that we had to say goodbye to the nanny who had raised us for the last 5 years. Resentment galore! There was a lot of friction in our family for years; it was rough on us kids, and very rough on Jan, too. But after we all grew up a bit (quite a bit, in my case) Jan and I found that we had built a friendship, and then a real mother-daughter relationship grew out of that. Part of it was the birth of our little brother, Drew. He was the sweetest, most adorable, little boy ever; even when he was a baby. Everyone was crazy about him; my brother and I could have been jealous and resentful, but we weren't. Drew was just too cute to resent. He kind of brought us all together.

However it happened, Jan became my Mom. Now, her health isn't good; she's going through a terrible time in her life. Her bones are so fragile, and her balance is messed up for some reason. She can't do a lot of the things she loves to do; even simple things. It's difficult just to go out to a restaurant or anything like that. She's just waiting for her body to heal and trying not to hurt herself any further before the next operation. I'm hoping and praying that the doctors can help her.

So, Happy Mother's Day, Mom. You are in my thoughts and in my heart every day,

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