Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dancing Down the Rain

This was a dream I had, and this poem wrote itself in response.

Dancing Down the Rain

Dancing up the lightning,
Dancing down the rain,
Never feeling sorrow,
Never feeling pain.

A spirit in the aftermath,
Of stormy, deadly seas,
A sprite above the hurricane,
Relaxing in the breeze.

I am that spirit, soaring high,
To brush the cheek of sunset sky,
Untouched by hate, I rise above,
But equally untouched by love.

I’m all alone, there’s no one near,
The empty sky is all that’s here,
No lover, friend or child around,
I must return to mortal ground.

So I turn back, towards home I race
To settle in its warm embrace,
My spirit pours into its shell,
Pours back into this human hell.

But I am glad to be at home,
From which I’d never really roam,
Someday we’ll all be free of pain,
Forever dancing down the rain.


Anonymous said...

Oh Marian
you really are so very gifted my sweet friend...this is just beautiful..thank you for taking me on flight with you!! Hugs B'nana

Sassafras said...

Beautiful I love to dance too. Sass

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