Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I CAN still dance!

Bob and I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert last night, and of course everybody stood up and danced to the music and sang along. At first, I didn't try to dance at all, just swayed a little to the beat, but it was infectious, and pretty soon I was dancing too. FUN!! We had a ball! It's funny how you think you can't do something, but when you try, you find you can. Like when we went on a 14 mile bike ride this summer; I didn't think I could do it. Not only because of PD, but also because I hadn't been on a bike in 32 years. But I did it! I think there's some deep message there, but right now I'm too sleepy to think about it. Maybe after I finish my latte....

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Anonymous said...

I hope to join in the dance again, wonderful poem. We love you, KC

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