Sunday, October 19, 2008

Silver Linings

Although Parkinson's Disease has taken a lot away, it has also given me some gifts.  The best of these is the incredible community of other PD patients that I've found, both online and in "reality".  I've recently been blessed with the opportunity to meet two of my best online friends; first it was Btrflynana, then Pokie Too.  As soon as I figure out how to do it, I'll post links to their blogs.  Meeting these amazing women has been a spiritual experience for me; they both inspire me so much.  I wrote this poem for Pokie:

Pokie's Pennies

I have a friend, so strong and kind,
Who has a compass of the mind.
On her journey in this life,
At times in joy, at times in strife,
When there's a choice that must be made,
Or she's in doubt or she's afraid,
God sends a messenger so small,
You might not notice it at all.
Every time she turns around,
She finds a penny on the ground,
Or in a song, or on a shelf,
Or in a dream, all by itself.
She follows where the pennies lead,
And finds that all is well indeed.
This touchstone tells her of her mission,
If she takes the time to listen.

Why can't I have a helper too?
Lord knows I need it, we all do.
But wait; is that a sign I see?
Is my friend my epiphany?
Was she sent to light my way?
I think she was, but who can say?
With happy tears my eyesight blurs,
Is she my penny, or am I hers?


Anonymous said...

Just so excited to see your blog! You are such an incredible woman and friend! Love the Poem...when is your book coming out??? I would be lost without your friendship!
Hugs btrflynana

pokie too said...

I knew you could do this and knew how great it would be and just as I said on pier 69 in San Francisco as the three of us walked along. I really really love you...always....I cherish this poem. It's not very often someone writes a poem about you and I have had several about me lately. I am humbled to tears and so very lucky......thanks pokie

Marian said...

Thanks, you two. You ladies were my inspiration to get started on this. I love you both!

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