Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm off to see the wizard

I'm off to see the wizard this morning, not to see if he can give me a brain, but so that he can scan the one I have.  I'm having another brain MRI this morning.  A week or so ago, I ended up in the emergency room with extreme vertigo and vomiting, and the neurologist thinks it was either a migraine thing (migraine aura with no pain) or a seizure.  The seizure idea comes from the fact that I have olfactory hallucinations; I smell things that aren't there.  This is something that is known to happen with some PD patients, a phenomenon known as "phantosmia".   My hallucinations present a little differently than normal, though, and he thinks the pattern points to seizures or migraine or something.  Anyway, I'm getting the MRI this morning and at some point I have to have an EEG to look at my brain waves, too.

Ahh... if I only had a brain!

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Anonymous said...

Hope all went well for you...I will call you tonight...Hugs kiddo..B'nana

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