Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello world

When a programmer runs a program for the first time, the first function they sometimes have the program perform is called a "hello world".  It's just a way to show that the program is "alive" and not stuck in a loop somewhere.  Well, that's what this is for me.  Since I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2006, I feel that my life has been stuck in a series of endless loops; when I get out of one, I fall into the next one.  Now, though, I think I finally have debugged my code and become functional again.  I feel so lucky; my medication works very well for me, I have the support of my husband and my family, and I've discovered a wonderful online community of fellow sufferers who inspire and amaze me every day.

Hello World.



JC said...

Hi back to you my friend, Marian, Goodpenny, the latest blogger on the block! I knew you could do it. I'll be reading ya! And put me & Sherri on your blog list too at! You are one amazing gal! Hugs, Judy4etsu

JC said...

did the first thing i wrote go thru? just checking...if not, great job !! You go girl, and all that really supportive lingo, etc.
Looking forward to reading ya! Add me & Sherri and our blog at thanks and hugs from judy4etsu

Marian said...

Hey, thanks Judy! I haven't finished my blog list yet, but I'm certainly putting yours and Sherri's on it.

Sassafras said...

Look at you all blogging and everything. You have been taught well with the pictures and music and everything. Congratulations and welcome to our world. It's addictive and fun at least it is for me. I look forward to reading your life so far it's wonderful reading but I knew it would be. Have fun with it ok. Sass

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